• Easy Crochet Snowflakes Free Patterns For The Holidays

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    “Winter is coming.”

    We all know the words from Game of Thrones and we’re starting to feel them in our bones.

    The days are getting shorter, it’s colder out there and Christmas is on its way.

    This year you can make your pals very happy by slipping easy crochet snowflakes free patterns into their holiday cards!

    The easy crochet snowflakes free patterns are easy to make and can be made in a variety of colors.

    These snowflakes look great as ornaments on the Christmas tree or as part of a holiday card.

    The pattern has two variations – the larger is around 8-10cm across (3-4in) and the smaller around 7-8cm across (2.75-3 in).

    Snowflake wishes is easy enough that you can whip up a bunch of these in just a few hours, and the finished product will look amazing on your tree!

    You can use any weight yarn for these, but it's designed with DK through aran weights in mind.

    Easy Crochet Snowflakes Free Patterns

    Snowflakes are a great way to bring the winter wonderland into your home.

    Choose from one of these free crochet snowflake patterns and get started!

    We hope you enjoy making these beautiful decorations as much as we do! Happy crafting!

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    Easy Crochet Snowflakes Free Patterns

    Snowflake Wishes Free Crochet Patterns

    In addition to yarn you will need a needle to sew in ends, and optionally ribbon or thread, PVA glue, and glitter.

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    Get the pattern: Easy Crochet Snowflakes Free Patterns via Wishes In The Rain.

    Thanks to Joanna Gait for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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