• Learn A New Crochet Stitch: Crochet Cross Leaves Stitch

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    This crochet Cross Leaves stitch is beautiful, soft and squishy. It’s also unique and extremely unusual and versatile. Chances are you’ve never seen this crochet stitch before!
    It is ideal for making hats, scarfs, blankets for babies or anything you can think of. The crochet Cross Leaves stitch looks beautiful combined in several colors or is one solid color.


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    Learn A New Crochet Stitch: Crochet Cross Leaves Stitch

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    Crochet Cross Leaves Stitch Video Tutorial

    Watch the Crochet Cross Leaves Stitch video tutorial below and follow along. This stitch

    Thanks to Majovel Crochet for the article inspiration and featured image.

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    4 Comments to Learn A New Crochet Stitch: Crochet Cross Leaves Stitch

    1. Is there any way I can get a written pattern . I don’t want to write the steps down a you crochet, because I have to keep starting and stopping the video to write it down.

    2. I’m elderly and disabled cannot write down the directions because I can’t keep stopping and starting. If you would please post a written request I would greatly appreciate it….I would love to make blankets for each of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren before I leave this life. Thanking you in advance

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