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Hundreds of Unique and Unusual Granny Square Crochet Patterns: They work up quickly, they’re easy to customize, and there’s no end to the variations you can create with them!

Granny squares are a timeless and popular crochet pattern. If you’re looking for unusual granny square patterns that will stand out from the rest of your crocheted pieces, this list is perfect for you.

From unusual color combinations to unique shapes and everything in between, these unusual granny square patterns will help keep your projects fresh while still staying true to their classic roots!

Find hundreds of unique and unusual granny square crochet patterns. From solid, classic, basic to flowers and unusual granny square patterns we have all types of free crochet granny squares for you.


Retrograde Multi Stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern

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This awesome looking multi stitch crochet blanket is a great pattern for all levels of crocheters. The X stitches give this pattern a unique look. Retrograde crochet blanket free pattern...