[Video Tutorial] Gorgeous Crochet Top With Fringes

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Watch the video tutorial below courtesy of Annoo Crochet Designs and follow along to create a gorgeous crochet top. Hopefully this tutorial and it’s creator are going to inspire you to create new things using your imagination and your sense of fashion.

Thanks to Annoo Crochet Designs for the article inspiration and featured image.

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11 Comments to [Video Tutorial] Gorgeous Crochet Top With Fringes

  1. Oh my goodness – back in 60s my Auntie Gladys crocheted a waistcoat for me in the same style (I didn’t have the assets this model does back then …………………..)

  2. I wouldn’t click on the link… it seems to be a spam file. It redirected me to another page and then a pop up appeared with a warning thar my computer has detected a porn file being downloaded onto my device.

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