[N/A] This Adorable Big Head Baby Doll Will Make You Giggle With Joy

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Update : this pattern cannot be found online anymore. 🙁

If you follow the indicated materials this cute baby doll is almost 10” tall with a head circumference of 16”-17”. This crochet baby doll's name is “Big Head Baby Doll” and the pattern kindly shared by Jenn Dysart. So many little girls will absolutely love this cutie pie who happens to be one of the most adorable little dolls I've ever seen as a crochet pattern!

For a complete list of materials and directions, please visit the next page.

This Adorable Big Head Baby Doll Wil Make You Giggle With Joy

3 thoughts on “[N/A] This Adorable Big Head Baby Doll Will Make You Giggle With Joy”

  1. The link you provide for big head baby doll, takes you to the ravvelry page where the pattern is no longer available.

  2. There is no pattern on this or the next page. There is much talk about it, but….
    There is no link to any pattern on Ravelry either and no way to contact the person
    who posted the picture. So, where’s the pattern?

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