What Is A Slip Stitch In Crochet? SlSt Crochet Tutorial

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When you're working in crochet, there are a few basic stitches that you need to know in order to create just about anything.

The slip stitch (sl st)is one of those stitches.

It's smaller than a single crochet, but it's extremely versatile and can be used for all sorts of things.

A slip stitch (slst) is one of the basic crochet stitches.

It's a very simple stitch to work, and it's great for joining rounds, working side stitches as trims, and more!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to work a slip stitch in crochet, and you'll get some tips and tricks for using this versatile stitch!

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What Is A Slip Stitch In Crochet? slst Crochet Tutorial
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What is a Slip Stitch in Crochet?

  • In crochet slip stitches are abbreviated as SLSTs and used as part of the basic but useful stitching patterns and used mostly as slip stitch joints. Slip stitch. Slip stitch (sl stitch) Slip stitches are the shortest stitches amongst the basic crochet stitches and they really are techniques instead.
  • Slip stitch is usually used when moving yarn over several stitches without raising the height of a piece and producing tight fabric. They may also be employed as a means of joining work during round work as well as to create texture on crochet surfaces called surface slip stitches or surface crocheting.
  • The slip stitch – also known as a sl st is a really simple and basic crocheting technique, but it can be used for so many different things! The best part about this pattern of stitches are how easy they make joining in your work.
  • When you need to make a slip stitch in crochet, just insert your hook into the designated space and pull back through both loops. The easiest of all basic stitches!

Crochet materials needed to make Slip Stitching

  • To get started, you'll need yarn and a crochet hook.
  • If you're working a slip stitch edge around bunches of afghan squares, keep in mind that you need to count your slip stitches and complete the same number of stitches around each square; this will help assure that your whip stitching is as smooth as possible.
  • You might also want a stitch marker to assist you keep track of your slip stitches across the rows.

How to work and use Slip Stitch?

  • This Slip stitch is a basic crochet stitch which all the crocheters must learn.
  • You can use slip stitches to tie together parts, add decorative elements and finish projects easily.
  • Patterns use slip stitch as a way of working a small piece because they are shorter than a single crochet.
  • The stitch has many uses. Slip stitch enclosing can be used for sizing and smoothening edges.
  • This is commonly used with similar yarns but fun adding contrast too!

A common mistake most crocheters make

  • The videos for crochet are an excellent way of teaching crocheting in the back loop. Similarly, this process works in the slip-stitched loop.
  • Since this slip stitch is very short, there may be some problems with locating your two top loops. Two top loops on each stitch are formed by the V shape. Here the hooks are inserted for traditional stitching.
  • Once you have completed one slip stitch row, look for the ve's in the direction they're facing. When turning your work on your side you can see a second set of Vs.

How to slip stitch crochet (sl st) for Beginners

Crochet slip stitches are a crochet technique for beginners and are very helpful.

If you're a beginner crocheter, this video will help get started with slip stitches.

The slip stitch is used to join stitches that are worked in rounds.

Often crochet slip stitch is used in almost every crochet pattern.

It's a very discreet stitch and it can be advantageous if you want your work done quickly while crocheting baskets, hats or any other project where the joining of pieces isn't obvious from looking at them directly above one another!

Besides stitched stitches slips are useful for sewing together round pieces and crochet edgings.

Do you want to know the easiest way to crochet slip stitches?

This tutorial shows you how to crochet this slip stitch.

You'll see that is more a technique than a stitch and it's really, really simple to master.

Have fun learning it!

Learn more about the  SlSt Crochet Technique via HappyBerry Crochet.

Thanks to HappyBerry Crochet for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

Front and Back Loop Slip Stitch Crochet

  • It's a fun thing about crocheting that the hooks can be positioned differently in a different place. Crocheting in the loops on the back (BLO) creates a V texture. Slip stitches work together and create a soft stretchy texture.
  • The stitches are reversible and look the same on the other side of a garment.
  • It is ideal for crocheting hat bands or whatever you need to create some ribbed look.

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