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    I love easy crochet patterns, especially ones that are easy to memorize.

    This easy zig zag spike crochet stitch baby blanket is a perfect project for beginners who want to try something new and fun!

    The pattern is easy to follow and the yarn is easy to find at your local craft store.


    Easy Zig Zag Spike Crochet Stitch Baby Blanket

    …The brand of yarn I use is baby wool with a Himalayan antipilling feature and the crochet hook is a  number 3.5 mm

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    Do you have a baby on the way?

    Or do you know someone who is expecting their first child?

    This zig zag spike crochet stitch blanket pattern will help make your gift easy and quick.

    It’s easy to remember, easy to follow, and easy to make!

    It looks complicated but it’s actually really easy to make!

    This video tutorial will show you how to crochet a baby blanket using the easy zig zag spike stitch.

    It is a great project for beginners because it doesn’t require any pattern reading and is an easy repetitive stitch pattern that can be done while watching TV!

    If you are looking for a quick, fun way to make something special for someone in your life then this would be perfect.

    In just a few hours, you could have an adorable baby blanket made from scratch!

    This easy beautiful crochet baby blanket pattern comes with a video tutorial only. Turn on CC when watching the video and you can read the pattern in the subtitles.

    See more about this pattern: Easy Zig Zag Spike Crochet Stitch Baby Blanket via Tuba Arslan.

    Thanks to Tuba Arslan for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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