Easy And Quick Crochet Wind Spinner- Crochet Projects With Scrap Yarn

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This crochet wind spinner is gorgeous! I love the idea of leaving a few around for people to find, so they can appreciate a little bit of joy.

Crochet is a great way to use up scrap yarn, and this crochet wind spinner is just the project for it!

Spinning around in the breeze, these wind spinners are an easy and quick crochet project that you can make in any size.

They work up in just a few hours, with minimal materials, and make for great summer accents on porches or patios!

This particular pattern uses small amounts of scrap yarn, so it's perfect if you want to use up some old leftovers.

Whether your hanging this pretty creation in your garden or on a campsite or taking it with you on holiday – seeing this spinning in the wind will lift even the darkest day!


Learn about the history of wind spinners

This is a great place for you to start when looking at what types of crafts can be done with scrap yarn and some simple but pretty patterns that are perfect for beginners!

For thousands of years we have been fascinated by the power of the wind and for hundreds more, designers and gardeners alike have incorporated it into their landscapes. The most popular way to do this is with a wind spinner.

Right now, the crochet wind spinners are a real hit. The idea behind these beautiful crochet wind spinners? They're easy-to-crochet projects that use up old scraps in your yarn stash.!

The wind will spin them around beautifully as they catch the breeze, and the color combinations are endlessly creative.

The wind spinners can be hung in your garden or on a campsite – or take them with you when camping!

It makes for the perfect summer accent on your porch or patio – or anywhere you want to place this lovely decoration.


Easy And Quick Crochet Wind Spinner

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Easy And Quick Crochet Wind Spinner- Crochet Projects With Scrap Yarn
Via Ophelia Talks.

Find out how to make your own crochet wind spinner

Watch this crochet tutorial and learn how to make your crochet wind spinner. This is the ideal scrap yarn project. The stitches and pattern are beginner friendly and the color combinations are endless. You can try it with different weighted yarns as well.

The possibilities are endless here for projects and gifts!

This easy and quick crochet wind spinner pattern comes with a video tutorial only. Turn on CC when watching the video and you can read the pattern in the subtitles. (If you're looking for the pattern, it's only a small payment away. You can find it here and get stitching!)

Determine what size yarn and hook you will need for your wind chimes

Patterns will often tell you the brand, weight, and color of yarn used in addition to the size crochet hook or knitting needle.

If you want to use a different brand than what is listed on your pattern, try sticking with materials that are similar (same type of fiber) so it turns out looking like how it was intended.

Make sure when using an alternate material for tension purposes that this matches too; if not then there may be some variation between your swatch and final project – adjust accordingly!

Pick a color scheme that matches your home's exterior design

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your house, try picking out colors from the exterior of your home. You'll create an attractive focal point that will be noticeable and complimentary – but not overbearing!

This is just one idea on how to use scrap yarns in crochet projects. There are so many creative ideas out there!

Make sure to take a look at some other completed crochet wind spinners and listen to your intuition! What colors do you like the most? Crocheted wind chimes are so pretty with all of the colors and they look even more beautiful spinning in the breeze.

They make for great summer accents that will add so much to any environment they're placed in.

Consider adding embellishments like beads, sequins, or charms to give it more personality

Adding embellishments to crochet wind spinners is a great way to make it stand out. Choose something that matches your color scheme, or pick one you love just for the sake of adding some personality! There are so many things you can use – there's no limit on what would look good here!

Crochet a few rows at a time so you don't get bored with the same pattern too quickly.

It is so lovely to see it spinning in the wind, and I love how crochet can be used up scrap yarn – such a great idea for using old leftovers!

Crochet patterns are also perfect for beginners who want more of a challenge than just making something

They would make perfect Random Acts of Crochet Kindness items to leave around for other people to find and enjoy

Crocheted wind chimes can be used for Random Acts of Crochet Kindness and as a way to show love. My favorite thing about this project? You can use up old scraps from your yarn stash to make someone happy.

Learn more about the Easy And Quick Crochet Wind Spinner via Ophelia Talks.

Thanks to Ophelia Talks for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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