• 13 Basic Crochet Stitches Illustrated Really Clearly

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    This is a great graphic reference for basic advanced crochet stitches and a great crochet stitches guide for beginners.

    If you've been struggling to learn how to crochet, you'll love these simple and clear crochet stitches illustrations.

    They will help you immensely.

    Get over your frustration and impatience and follow these simple visual instructions to create beautiful crochet projects.

    This Stitch Overview courtesy of Ren's Fibre Art has also written instructions and corresponding crochet symbols.

    You'll get clear illustrated instructions for the following crochet stitches:

    (1) Chain
    (2) Slip Stitch
    (3) Double Crochet
    (4) Treble Crochet
    (5) Half Treble
    (6) Double Treble
    (7) Treble Cluster
    (8) Treble Popcorn
    (9) Puff Stitch
    (10) Front Post Treble
    (11) Back Post Treble
    (12) 3-Chain Picot
    (13) Shells Fans

    13 Basic Crochet Stitches Illustrated Really Clearly


    Get the full list of illustrated basic crochet stitches and other interesting information via Ren's Fibre Art

    Thanks to Renate for the article inspiration and images.

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