• 20 Easy Crochet Stitches For Blankets And Afghans-Stunningly Beautiful

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    I love easy crochet stitches, and this is one of the easiest I’ve seen.

    It’s also stunningly beautiful and has a very nicely textured stitch.

    The stitch is double-sided so you get two different patterns in one blanket which makes it extra special.

    If you’re looking for an easy crochet stitch for blankets to learn, this one is simple and beautiful.

    You can’t go wrong with it!

    Crochet blankets are easy to make and you can get really creative with them.

    This pattern will show you how easy it is to create your own beautiful crochet blanket!

    I love this easy crochet stitch for blankets because it can be done in any color of yarn, you don’t need a huge project bag.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it!

    Easy Crochet Stitch For Blankets

    This easy crochet stitch is perfect for making blankets and the fabric has a softness that can be felt as soon as you touch it.

    It would make an excellent gift or decoration!

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    It’s time for a new crochet project and you’re not sure what to tackle.

    Watch the video tutorial below, courtesy of Tuba Arslan, and learn this easy stitch that will help you create a blanket in no time at all!

    You can use this stitch on any type of afghan and with pretty much any type of yarn.

    It creates a stunningly beautiful texture and the end result is always breathtaking!

    The pattern is simple enough for beginners, but challenging enough for experts too.

    Follow along step-by-step as she demonstrates how easy it is to create your own masterpiece!

    This easy beautiful crochet baby blanket pattern comes with a video tutorial only. Turn on CC when watching the video and you can read the pattern in the subtitles.

    See more about this pattern: Easy Crochet Stitch For Blankets via Tuba Arslan.

    Thanks to Tuba Arslan for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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    What are the different types of crochet stitches?

    There are different crochet stitches for blankets that can make your crochet project look amazing.

    There are easy crochet stitches that are unique and gorgeous.

    You just need to learn the basic crochet stitches and then you can move on to learning the more difficult ones.

    Once you have learned the basic crochet stitches like chain stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet stitches you will be able to create all sorts of different patterns!

    There are 6 crochet stitches that are commonly considered the most basic stitches.

    What are the 6 basic stitches in crocheting?

    1. Single Crochet stitch (Sc)
    2. Half Double Crochet stitch (HDC)
    3. Double Crochet stitch (Dc)
    4. Triple Crochet stitch (Tr)
    5. Double Triple Crochet (Dtr)
    6. Slip Stitch (Sl St)

    Here are some easy to follow basic crochet stitch tutorials to help you get started:

    Single Crochet stitch (Sc)

    Half Double Crochet stitch (HDC)

    Double Crochet stitch (Dc)

    Triple Crochet stitch (Tr)

    Double triple crochet (Dtr)

    Slip stitch (Sl St)

    Slip stitch (Sl St)

    Via Made With Love By Glama

    What is the best stitch to use when crocheting a blanket?

    There isn’t really a “best stitch” when crocheting a blanket, as different stitches will give you different results.

    Here are my favorite stitches for afghans, throws, and blankets.

    You’ll never run out of options with this list!

    Crochet Front Post Treble Cluster Stitch

    Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch

    Herringbone Half Double Crochet Stitch

    Elizabeth Stitch

    Zig-Zag Bean Stitch

    Spike Cluster stitch

        Turkish Star Stitch


        Waffle Stitch


        Bobble Stitch

        Granny Stitch

        Block Blanket Stitch

        Raised Treble Diagonal Rib Stitch

        Crochet Box Stitch

        Crochet Zig Zag Puff Stitch

        3D Diamond Shell Stitch

        Bubble Popcorn Stitch

        Variegated Moss Stitch

        Harlequin Stitch

        What is the strongest crochet stitch?

        Waistcoat Crochet stitch (also referred to as the knitting stitch) is an extremely strong, dense crochet stitch.

        How many stitches are there for crochet?

        This is a list of all the different stitches you can do in crochet, from basic to more complex.

        There are over 150 different types!

        Which crochet stitch uses the least amount of yarn for a blanket?

        Of the basic crochet stitches (singles, halfdoubles, double and triple crochets) the treble crochet and double crochets use the least amount of yarn to make beautiful patterns.

        What is the quickest crochet stitch?

        The treble crochet stitch is the go-to for quick and easy creations.

        It’s fast, durable – perfect when you need something that will last!

        The front loop only version works just as well so don’t be afraid to give this one a try if all other options have failed before.

        Unique Crochet Stitches For Blankets And Afghans


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