Easy, Basic & Unique Crochet Stitches For Beginners

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Are you a beginner looking to learn the basics of crochet using scrap yarn? Or are you an experienced crocheter searching for new stitch tutorials, including how to make bobbles and chain stitches? Whatever your skill level, easy crochet stitches with step-by-step instructions are a great starting point. Plus, once you've mastered the basics, you can try out some beautiful blanket patterns.

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With so many types of easy stitches available, including slip stitchesgranny stitch, and waffle stitch, beginner crochet enthusiasts will never run out of options for their crochet projects. And if you're looking for free crochet blankets or patterns, why not try textured stitches, yarn round hook, like the primrose stitch, or decorative stitches like the crocodile stitch to create beautiful crochet blanket patterns?

Not sure where to begin? Don't worry! In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know about easy crochet stitches. We'll answer questions like “how to easy crochet stitches?” and “what is the easiest crochet stitch?” Plus, we'll provide tips and tricks for mastering particular stitches like the griddle stitchmoss stitchsuzette stitchpopcorn stitchspike stitchchevron stitch, and lemon peel stitch. Whether you prefer a step tutorial or a video tutorial, we've got you covered. And if you're looking for a new project, check out our bobble blanket pattern with basic and post stitches.

Basic Crochet Stitches for Beginners

The main crochet stitches are single and double crochet stitches, half-double crochettriple/treble crochet, slip stitches, and chain stitch. This easy stitch can be used in various patterns from the library of crochet stitches, including those for making a cozy blanket and granny squares.

Why Beginner Crochet Stitches are Essential to Learn

If you're just starting with crochet, it's important to learn the basics like chain stitches, loops, and how to insert hook. Learning basic crochet stitches is essential as they form the foundation of all crochet patterns. This easy stitch can be used in various patterns from the library of crochet stitches, including those for making a cozy blanket. Once you've mastered the beginner stitches on your crochet journey, you can create more complex and intricate designs, such as a cozy hat.

The Most Common and Simple Crochet Stitches

A beginner's tutorial should cover two of the most common and simple crochet stitches: single crochet  double crochet stitches. These fundamental stitches – foundation chain, front loop, and insert hook – along with the number of chains can be used in multiple ways in your projects. A single crochet stitch creates a dense fabric, while a double crochet stitch creates a looser fabric that works well for blankets and shawls. By following a step-by-step pattern, you can easily learn these common crochet stitches – hdc, and start creating beautiful crochet pieces with yarn.

The Six Basic Crochet Stitches

There are many different types of beginner-friendly crochet stitches out there; some of our favorites include multiple patterns that can be easily learned via the step-by-step tutorial.

Chain Stitch (ch)

How to do a chain stitch for beginners

The chain stitch is one of the most basic stitches in crochet patterns as it forms the foundation of most projects. It's also used to create spaces between other stitches or rows, making it perfect for creating a cozy blanket.

Single Crochet Stitch (sc)

How to Single Crochet (sc) for Beginners

One of the most popular and easiest crochet stitches is the single crochet stitch. It's perfect for beginners who are following a tutorial because it only involves inserting your crochet hook into one stitch and pulling up a loop. This easy stitch can be used in various patterns from the library of crochet stitches, including those for making a cozy blanket.

Double Crochet Stitch (dc)

The crochet stitch, commonly abbreviated as dc, is among the most frequently used crochet stitches. It is approximately twice the size of a single crochet stitch and offers a swift crocheting experience.

The softness of projects made using the double crochet stitch stems from its looser tension as compared to the tightness of the single crochet stitch. This fun crochet stitch design is particularly well-suited for crafting cozy items like sweaters, hats, and blankets, such as a beautiful v-stitch blanket.

DC Stitch Tutorial from Melanie Ham

Half Double Crochet (hdc)

This advanced stitch is worked similarly to single or double crochets but produces a taller stitch. It can be used in a pattern for blanket stitches, and can also be combined with chain stitches for more intricate designs.

How to do a Half Double Crochet Stitch from Babcia Crafts

Slip Stitch (sl st)

The slip stitch is a useful technique used in crochet patterns to join rounds, stitches, or rows together without adding any height to your work. It's also commonly used to create decorative edges or finish off a blanket project.

SL ST Stitch Tutorial from Babcia Crafts

Triple Crochet Stitch (tr)

The treble crochet stitch, also called the triple crochet stitch, is taller than the double crochet stitch and creates an open fabric. It's still easy enough for beginners to learn with a crochet stitch guide and is perfect for creating lacy patterns.

This stitch is ideal for making a cozy blanket.

Triple Crochet Tutorial from Babcia Crafts

Beginner Patterns

Learning Advanced Stitches Can Take Your Crochet Projects to the Next Level

Learning more advanced crochet stitches can take your work from basic to beautiful. These stitches add texture, depth, and visual interest to any design and allow you to work row create unique and personalized pieces that will be treasured for years to come. Don't be intimidated by these stitches and row – with practice and patience, you'll be able to master them all and take your crochet skills to new heights!

Here are some of the best advanced crochet stitches for you to learn: Free Crochet Stitch Tutorials

Back Loop Only (BLO)

The back loop only (BLO) stitch is a popular pattern used to create ribbing or a textured effect in your crochet projects. It's easy to learn crochet chain stitch and can add an extra dimension to your blanket work.

BLO Stitch from Craftsy

Another fun stitch pattern is the Puff Stitch.

It creates a unique texture that looks great on hats or as an accent on other pieces like bags, sweaters, or blankets. Plus, it's easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Puff stitch from Daily Crochet

Shell Stitch

The shell stitch, made with single crochet stitches, creates a scalloped edge on each row of your project that looks delicate and feminine. A popular choice for blankets or shawls, shell stitch adds texture and visual interest with its scallop-like pattern.

This easy stitch can be used in various patterns from the library of crochet stitches, including those for making a cozy blanket. It involves making multiple double crochets into one space in a specific pattern.

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Popcorn Stitch

The popcorn stitch, also known as puff stitches, creates little bumps on each row of your project that resemble popcorn kernels. This simple row stitch pattern is great for adding texture and visual interest to any design. It involves making multiple double crochets into one stitch in a row and then “popping” them up by pulling the loop through all of them at once.

This fun puff stitch creates a raised, bumpy texture that looks great on hats or bags.

Popcorn Stitch from All Free Crochet

Cable Stitch pattern

The cable stitch, with its intricate interlocking pattern, creates a beautiful braided effect on your project, elevating its visual appeal and adding a delightful texture and depth. This versatile stitch technique is highly suitable for crafting cozy and warm blankets or scarves, making them perfect companions to snuggle up with during the chilly winter months.

Cable stitch crochet pattern from Cherry Cheeks Quick Stitches

Tunisian Crochet Stitch pattern

Tunisian crochet is a unique style of crochet that uses a long hook similar to knitting needles. It creates a dense crochet fabric with a distinctive look that resembles weaving or knitting more than traditional crochet. There are many different Tunisian crochet stitches to learn, from simple to complex.

Tunisian basic stitch from Dakotah Knits

Star Stitch pattern

The star stitch creates a unique and intricate design that looks like little stars. This cool crochet stitch pattern is great for creating blankets or scarves with a celestial theme. It involves making clusters of stitches in a specific crochet pattern that creates the star shape.

Star Stitch pattern from Daily Crochet

Crochet Front Post Treble Cluster Stitch

Crochet Front Post Treble Cluster Stitch from Lyza Walters.

Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch

Herringbone Double Crochet Stitch via Hopeful Honey

Herringbone Half Double Crochet Stitch

Herringbone Half Double Crochet Stitch from Heart Hook Home

Elizabeth Stitch (The Mini Bean Stitch)

The Mini Bean Stitch from Hopeful Honey

Zig-Zag Bean Stitch

Zig Zag Bean Stitch from Blossom Crochet

 Griddle stitch

Griddle stitch from Moogly.com

Moss stitch

Moss Stitch pattern from Moogly.com

Suzette stitch

Suzette stitch from Daisy Cottage Designs

Popcorn stitch

Popcorn stitch from Look at What I Made

Spike stitch

The stitch is a unique and versatile crochet technique that adds texture and visual interest to any project.

Spike stitch from Craftsy

Lemon peel stitch

Lemon peel stitch from Persia Lou

Spike Cluster stitch

Spike Cluster Stitch

Spike cluster stitch from Crochet Spot

Turkish Star Stitch

Turkish Star Stitch

Turkish Star Stitch from Nicki’s Homemade Craft

Waffle Stitch pattern

Waffle Stitch

Waffle Stitch from Bella Coco Crochet

Bobble Stitch

Bobble stitch from Daily Crochet

Granny Stitch

Granny Stitch
Granny Stitch

Granny Stitch from Heart Hook Home

Granny ripple stitch pattern

Granny ripple stitch from Very Pink

Block Blanket Stitch

Block Blanket Stitch

Block Blanket Stitch from Sirin's Crochet

Raised Treble Diagonal Rib Stitch

Raised Treble Diagonal Rib Stitch

Raised Treble Diagonal Rib Stitch from HappyBerry Crochet

Crochet Box Stitch

Crochet Box Stitch

Via Crochet Box Stitch from MyPicot

Crochet Zig Zag Puff Stitch

Zig Zag Puff Stitch from Marcia Gomezcoello Creations.

3D Diamond Shell Stitch

3D Diamond Shell Stitch

3D Diamond Shell Stitch from Sirin's Crochet

Bubble Popc Stitch

[Video Tutorial] Super Easy Crochet Bubble Pop Stitches Baby Blanket

Bubble Popcorn Stitch from That Woman

Braided Puff crochet stitch

How to Crochet the Braided Puff Stitch: A Gorgeous and Easy One Row Repeat Pattern

Braided puff stitch from Knitting my hobby

Crochet crocodile stitch pattern

Learn how to crochet the Crocodile Stitch! Video and photo tutorial on Moogly.

Crocodile stitch pattern via Moogly.com

Basket Weave Stitch pattern

Basket weave pattern

Basketweave stitch pattern from Daily Crochet

Variegated Moss Stitch

Variegated Moss Stitch

Variegated Moss Stitch from The Crochet Crowd.

Harlequin Stitch

The Harlequin Stitch

The Harlequin from Sarah London

Even More Crochet Stitches for blankets

Textured Stitches for Afghans

The texture of a blanket will have as much importance as its look. These stitching designs are here to help. All stitchwork is incorporated and afghans look incredible as they feel.

Side Saddle Stitch by Make and Do Crew

Side Saddle Stitch from Make and Do Crew

Alpine Stitch

The Alpine Stitch by Crafting Happiness

The alpine stitch is named for its pointed diamond pattern, similar to mountains. The fabric front and back are very flat and make it easy to wear. Follow the video tutorial to learn afghan stitching fast and efficiently.

Blanket Stitch

It is done using two crochet stitches (sc and dc) each. The chain begins in multiples three. This is one of the easiest blanket stitch options to choose from!

Blanket Stitch from Easy Crochet

This Easy Crochet Stitch For Blankets Is Stunningly Beautiful

I love easy crochet stitches, and this is one of the easiest I've seen. It's also stunningly beautiful and has a very nicely textured stitch. The stitch is double-sided so you get two different patterns in one blanket which makes it extra special.

If you're looking for an easy crochet stitch for blankets to learn, this one is simple and beautiful. You can't go wrong with it!

 Easy Crochet Stitch For Blankets from Tuba Arslan.

Thanks to Tuba Arslan for the article's inspiration and featured image.

Explore New Crochet Stitch Patterns Today

If you're a crochet enthusiast, you know that learning new stitches is an exciting way to add variety and creativity to your projects.

We've also provided a range of stitch patterns for different crochet project- types, from blankets and afghans to visually stunning designs. With over 40 easy crochet stitches to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pattern for your next project.

So why not take the leap and explore new crochet stitch patterns today? Not only will it keep your crafting fresh and exciting, but it's also a great way to challenge yourself and improve your skills.

How big does my blanket need to be?

Blanket Sizes: Choose the Perfect Fit

Consider the recipient and purpose: The size of your blanket depends on who it's for and how it will be used.

2. Baby blanket: Typically measures around 30 x 40 inches for cozy comfort.

3. Adult-sized throw: Embrace larger dimensions of approximately 50 x 60 inches.

4. Middle ground for versatility: Opt for around 40 x 60 inches as a safe bet for most people.

5. Special type of blanket? For bed blankets, consult online resources or pattern books for size recommendations based on bed dimensions.

Remember, the right size ensures optimal coziness and functionality for your blanket project.

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Q: What are some good starter projects for practicing new crochet stitches?

A: Dishcloths, scarves, and simple hats are all great beginner-friendly projects that allow you to practice new stitch patterns without feeling overwhelmed.

Q: Can I use these stitch patterns for amigurumi or other small items?

A: Absolutely! While some of the larger blanket patterns may not be suitable for smaller items, many of the basic stitch patterns can be used in any type of project.

Q: How do I know which hook size to use with each stitch pattern?

A: The crochet hook size recommended in each pattern will depend on the weight of yarn you're using. Be sure to check the pattern instructions and starting chain carefully before beginning.

Q: Are there any tips for keeping my tension consistent while working with new stitch patterns?

A: One helpful tip is to pay attention to how tightly or loosely you hold your crochet hook and yarn. Experimenting with different grip styles can help you find what works best for each individual pattern.

Q: Can I sell items made using these stitch patterns?

A: Yes! As long as the pattern itself isn't copyrighted, you're free to sell items made using any of these stitch patterns.

Q: What if I get stuck or have questions while working on a pattern?

A: Don't be afraid to reach out to the pattern designer or other members of the crochet community for help and support. There are many online resources available for troubleshooting and getting feedback on your work.

Q: How can I share my finished projects with others?

A: Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are great places to showcase your work and connect with other crocheters. You can also consider joining local crafting groups or attending events like yarn festivals to meet fellow enthusiasts in person.

Q: What is the best stitch to use when crocheting a blanket?

There isn't really a “best stitch” when crocheting a blanket, as different stitches will give you different results. Here are my favorite stitches for afghans, throws, and blankets. You'll never run out of favorite crochet stitches or out of options with this list!

What is the strongest crochet stitch?

Waistcoat Crochet stitch (also referred to as the knitting stitch) is an extremely strong, dense crochet stitch.

What kind of yarn do I need to crochet a blanket?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Yarn for Blankets:

1. Fiber Content: Decide between acrylic, wool, or cotton based on budget and desired feel.

2. Weight (Thickness): Opt for bulky or super-bulky weight for fast and cozy blankets. Worsted weight is a versatile choice.

3. Color: Choose colors that align with the desired overall look, from bold and colorful to more subdued options.

4. Stitch Tutorial: Beginners can start with a basic stitch tutorial to get started on their blanket-making journey.

Remember, acrylic yarn remains an affordable, durable, and versatile option for most blankets and afghans. However, if you seek luxurious or natural-feeling materials, wool or cotton may be preferable. Let your creativity flow by utilizing single or multiple colors to create unique patterns in different ways like stripes or blocks. Happy blanket making!

Why you'll love these blanket stitches

Whether you're an experienced crocheter or just starting out, these easy crochet stitches are perfect for creating beautiful blankets and afghans. This easy stitch can be used in various patterns from the library of crochet stitches, including those for making a cozy blanket.

The best part about these stitches is that they're simple enough for beginners but can be adapted for more advanced techniques as your skills grow. You can experiment with taller crochet stitches, different hook sizes, yarn weights, and stitch patterns to create unique textures and designs.

Unique Crochet Stitches For Blankets And Afghans

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