Learn A New Crochet Stitch: The Thermal Stitch

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If you’re looking to crochet something like a  weighted blanket for a child, this stitch is wonderful for sure as it is like two blankets stitched together but made in one piece!  Thermal Stitch aka Double Thick Crochet Stitch courtesy of Nicki's Homemade Crafts
comes with a photo and video tutorial. If you’re tired of having to make two pieces and crochet them together in order to make a decently thick potholder, you’ll absolutely love this crochet stitch. It’s so easy even for true beginners and the fabric is really ticked.


The Thermal Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

The Thermal stitch can be used for so many different patterns – pretty much any pattern that requires lots of thickness and sturdiness. Most crocheters like using this stitch for potholders or washcloths. But I used it for a pattern that you would have never thought would be great for it.

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The Thermal Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

Head over to Nicki’s Homemade Crafts to learn =>>The Thermal Stitch Free Crochet Pattern

Thanks to Nicole for the article inspiration and featured image!

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