[Photo Tutorial] For All The Lefties Out There: Broomstick Lace Stitch

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Since most crochet instructors are right-handed makes sense that most tutorials come with instructions for right-handed crocheters. This photo- tutorial is different. This Broomstick Lace Bracelet by vampireweasel is gorgeous, this stitch is outstanding, and what I find even more interesting and beneficial. is that the photo tutorial is done for the left-handed crocheters. Right-hand crocheters, don't feel left out , please! Here is a great tutorial for you as well. Now you can make the most beautiful projects using this stitch!

I think completing this pattern with a fluffy or highly textured yarn would be a bit of a waste – you need a nice smooth yarn that will show up all the stitches. Select your yarn (you don’t need very much for this small project – the finished bracelet with buttons weighs less than 10g) and a suitably sized hook – here I’ve used bamboo cotton and a 4mm hook. You also need something thicker – the broomstick from the name of the stitch. A thick knitting needle would be perfect because of the tapered point for sliding stitches on and off but I don’t knit so I used a 15mm crochet hook instead. The thicker your “broomstick” the longer the lacy clusters will be.(Source)


Image source: Nicole

Thanks to Nicole for the article inspiration and featured image.

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