[Video Tutorial] Learn A New Crochet Stitch: Celtic Weave Stitch

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This beautiful stitch will get you so excited! It\'s such a beautiful stitch with a pretty amazing texture you can use to make a baby blanket or a hat and if you follow the video tutorial and the photo tutorial at Nicki\'s Homemade Crafts  is going to be really easy to use this stitch to crochet something really beautiful.

\”This is such a wonderful and pretty stitch. Very elegant and not too hard to make, although it might not be a for a beginner. The stitch tutorial provides many photos and a video tutorial as well.\”


Celtic Weave Stitch

Check out the original source for Celtic Weave Stitch Photo Tutorial with all the directions and full written pattern at: Nicki\'s Homemade Crafts

Thanks to Nicole for the article inspiration and featured image.

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