What Is A Magic Circle In Crochet

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If you wonder what is a magic circle in crochet, chances are you're a beginner crocheter and you're probably looking for the simplest answer. So, here is an easy-to-follow video tutorial that will help you understand what is a magic circle in crochet.

In just a few words before you start watching the video tutorial below: The magic ring is an essential technique for crocheting in the round like for example when you start crocheting a beanie. If you want to avoid the hole you get from working into a starting chain then you're using this crochet technique called the magic ring.

The magic ring can be used for many projects, it's very often used for amigurumi, but also as we already mentioned, for hats and beanies. There are many methods to make a magic circle and the video tutorial below is going to show you one of them which we found is one of the simplest ones.
Follow along and learn how to make a magic ring. It's an easy technique and you must know how to do it if you love the art of crocheting.

The Crochet Magic Ring Made Really Easy For Beginners

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What Is A Magic Circle In Crochet

What Is A Magic Circle In Crochet
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How to make the crochet magic circle- video tutorial

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