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    Gingerbread has a history that dates all the way back to the 15th century. The biscuits were made to resemble Queen Elizabeth’s VIP dinner guests. However, many of us think of Gingerbread Man from the movie Shrek whenever we hear the word gingerbread man. Regardless of what you think about when you hear gingerbread man, there is no denying just how awesome gingerbread man decorations and ornaments can be.

    No Christmas or holiday season is complete without them. They are a staple and every household partakes in making gingerbread man items. There is more to the gingerbread man than just cookies. You can make just about everything that resembles a gingerbread man.

    We all tend to have a soft spot for cute little gingerbread men. The more the merrier. You can get the gingerbread man to look any way you want. These Gingerbread man free crochet patterns are made for winters. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at some of the best gingerbread man free crochet patterns.

    Gingerbread Man Free Crochet Patterns

    1. Free Crochet Gingerbread Man Ornament Pattern

    An interesting gingerbread man crochet pattern that you are going to like is the gingerbread man ornament pattern by Alessandra. It requires the use of a 5 mm crochet hook. You can easily make the pattern in no time. The fact is that you can make lots of these cute patterns to fill your home with the perfect ornaments.

    Click Here for Crochet Pattern

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    2. Gingerbread Man Ornament Pattern

    Another gingerbread man crochet pattern that you can try out is the pattern shown by Oana Oros. It uses a DK weight yarn. You will also need a 3.75 mm crochet hook for making the gingerbread man ornament. As the pattern is quite simple, it should not take you a lot of time to make it. Decorate your home or office with this gingerbread man crochet ornament. It is the best gift that one can possibly give.

    Click Here for Crochet Pattern


    3. Free Pattern for Gingerbread Man Decoration

    If you are feeling festive, you need to make crochet the gingerbread man decoration pattern by Jane. It uses a DK weight yarn as well. In addition to this, you will need a 3.5 mm crochet hook. The pattern is just lovely. It will transform the way your home looks and feels.

    Click Here for Crochet Pattern


    4. Gingerbread Man Cookie Free Crochet Pattern

    We all love gingerbread man cookies. This is why we need to crochet a beautiful pattern of a gingerbread man cookie. You can make lots of these by following the instructions mentioned by Sarah.

    Click Here for Crochet Pattern

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