[Free Pattern] It lights up! This Crochet Gingerbread House Is So Awesome!

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Surprise, surprise…This is crochet! Can you believe it? How awesome is this crochet gingerbread house , it looks so amazingly real! I had to look twice to make sure I read corectly: yes this is crochet, although it looks so yummy, it could fool lots into trying to break a piece and eat it! LOL. Some people are amazingly talented! Winter holidays are still far away, so you get plenty of time to make as many gingerbread houses as you wish.


This crochet Gingerbread House/Lebkuchenhaus by Claudia Deuble is the ultimate decoration for the upcoming holidays. Imagine a whole neighbourhood of them! The pattern is available in German and English. Feel tempted to try it? Go for it and have fun, it's absolutely worth it!

gingerbread house 2

Image source: Claudia

Thanks to Claudia for this article inspiration and featured image.

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