Easy Crochet Popcorn Garland Tutorial

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With this easy crochet popcorn garland tutorial we totally get it: is holiday Christmas garland-making time! Easy Crocheted Popcorn Garland by Rose-Marie Gallagher doesn't require expert DIY skills and it looks like a great version of the classic country Christmas tree tradition! Who doesn't love country Christmas decorations? A classic crochet Christmas chain garland always makes for a pretty Christmas tree. For sure we will be doing this! It's so cute and, finally, a popcorn string that the dog won’t eat off the tree.


Easy Crochet Popcorn Garland Tutorial

You will need:
 acrylic worsted weight yarn in off-white
 red beads with large hole (pony beads work well)
 crochet hooks, sizes G and 3 (2.10mm)
 yarn needle
Set up:
Using yarn needle, thread beads onto free end of yarn. Plan to use about 12 beads per foot of

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Easy Crochet Popcorn Garland Tutorial
Via Rose-Marie Gallagher.

Get the Easy Crochet Popcorn Garland Tutorial via Rose-Marie Gallagher.

Thanks to Rose-Marie Gallagher for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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