Stunning And Free Crochet Circular Shawl Pattern

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This free circular shawl pattern is magnificent! The combination of different shades of blue and brown in a stunning design gives more appeal to this round wrap and turns this circular shawl into a real work of art. This type of crochet shawl known also as round shawls, circle shawls, round wraps, circular wraps are very popular these days. This circular shawl with sleeves designed by Majovel Crochet  is stylish and a real show stopper.


Free Crochet Circular Shawl Pattern

The step-by-step pattern for this amazing circular shawl is written on the video so please hit the play button and follow along with Majovel to make your own gorgeous crochet shawl.

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Free Crochet Circular Shawl Video Tutorial

Get directions and help for this pattern here: Free Crochet Circular Shawl Pattern.

Thanks to Majovel Crochet for the article inspiration and featured image.

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