16 Easy Free Shawl Patterns You Can Make Today

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There's something so satisfying about crocheting a shawl. Maybe it's the rhythmic movement of the hook or the satisfaction of seeing your progress grow with each stitch.

Whatever the reason, there's no denying that crocheting a shawl is a fun and enjoyable process. And best of all, there are so many different easy free crochet shawl patterns to choose from!

Whether you're looking for a simple and elegant design or something more intricate and detailed, you're sure to find a pattern that suits your taste.

So grab your yarn and hooks and get started on your next crochet project!

Free Patterns For Crocheted Shawls

This list includes 16 easy free crochet shawl patterns to inspire you to make your own stylish garment; it's perfect if fashion isn't really one notch up from basics but still want something new nonetheless – no matter what level crocheter there are always patterns out there waiting just around the corner.

Crochet wraps and shawls have incredible versatility and they have a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can choose from many options to create shawls using unique crochet stitches that are easy to work with. There are many patterns for crocheting shawls for beginners including the crochet prayer shawl, crochet triangle shawl and the crochet viral shawl. It's easy and fun to make your own crochet shawls.

I'm excited about trying this out myself because not only do I love wearing hats/neckties but also because it'll be something unique that nobody else will have – especially if you add your own personal touch!

So without further ado, here are 16 free crochet shawl patterns:

Beginner's Triangle Shawl Pattern

Beginner's Triangle Shawl Pattern
Via Pattern Princess

The beauty of this shawl is that it's a one-row repeat, which you can keep repeating until the desired size. This “beginner” triangle Shawlette designates itself as being simple enough for beginners to learn how they like their crochets!

This is the perfect crochet shawl pattern for beginners because it uses only basic stitches so even those who've never worked with crochet before will be able to make some gorgeous pieces from start – to finish.

It's made in fine yarn which makes it light enough for summer wear but makes a warm winter shawl when paired together with layers or under clothes during the winter months.

Shells Easy Crochet Shawl

Easy Shell Crochet Pattern
Via The Crochet Crowd

This beautiful shawl is perfect for special occasions such as weddings or just lounging around the house. It’s made from 100% Mercerized Cotton with #3 weight yarn and luster, so it provides incredible stitch definition that you won't find anywhere else!

First Triangle Shawl Crochet Pattern

First Triangle Shawl Crochet Pattern
How to crochet a shawl for beginners step by step Via Winding Road Crochet

Looking for an easy crochet pattern that uses simple stitches? This free crochet shawl pattern is done with basic crochet stitches: chain, double crochet stitches, and slip stitches.

It is designed for the best effect and allows the yarn to shine and sparkle. This beginner crochet pattern shows the basic steps in creating crochet triangles.

At First Blush Crochet Shawl Pattern

At First Blush Crochet Shawl Pattern
Via Make and Do Crew

If you're looking for a crochet pattern that's easy to make and can be used for a variety of projects, this simple pattern is a great option. It consists of a series of puffy stitches and double crocheting “Vs,” which creates beautiful textured fabric.

This pattern is perfect for making shawls, wraps, and other garments that can be worn year-round. best of all, once you understand the basics of the stitch pattern, you'll be able to crochet while binge-watching your favorite shows. So grab your hooks and yarn and get started on your next project!

Halo Crochet Shawl Pattern

Halo Crochet Shawl Pattern
Via Annie Design Crochet

The Halo Shawl is a versatile and fun pattern that can be made with less than 500m of DK weight yarn.

The beginner-friendly design uses only basic stitches, making it a quick project that is perfect for gifting!

The shawl is also easily customizable to any weight yarn in your stash, simply by using the hook size that suits your tension. Whether you are a beginner crocheter or an experienced yarn-lover, the Halo Shawl is a pattern that you will surely enjoy!

Wishing Well Crochet Wrap Pattern

Wishing Well Crochet Wrap Pattern
Via Sewrella

Are you looking for a quick and easy crochet project that you can finish on a weekend?

This adult-sized crochet shawl is the perfect project for beginners.

It uses only two basic crochet stitches, easily repeated rows, and easy tassels.

The shawl is the perfect size and weight – not too chunky but warm and breezy.

The pattern is one size that fits most women with pattern notes on adjusting for kids or plus sizes. So if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly crochet project, this is the perfect pattern for you.

Cozy Crochet Shawl Pattern

Cozy Crochet Shawl Pattern
Via Yarnspirations


Whether you're looking for a cozy layer to snuggle up in during the cold months or a lightweight accessory to keep you warm on spring and summer evenings, this crochet shawl is a perfect choice.

Made with self-striping Caron Anniversary Cakes yarn, this beautiful shawl features an intricate Solomon's knot pattern that gives it a unique and eye-catching 3D effect. And with its adaptable design, you can easily customize this shawl for any season or any occasion.

So why not indulge yourself with a comforting, one-of-a-kind shawl that you'll love wearing – and one that you can use to spoil your family and friends as well!

Heartland Boho Crochet Wrap Pattern

Heartland Boho Crochet Wrap Pattern
Via All About Ami

Looking for a fun new crochet project to keep you company this fall and winter? Look no further than this beautiful triangle scarf or wrap!

Made using three skeins of premium acrylic Heartland yarn, this scarf is the perfect blend of comfort and style.

With its unique boho design and ultra-soft texture, it's sure to be your new go-to accessory for cool weather.

Whether you're looking for something to keep you warm on a chilly evening or simply want to add a chic finishing touch to your outfit, this crochet triangle scarf is sure to impress.

So why wait? Grab your yarn and get crocheting today!

Griffin Scarf Shawl Crochet Pattern

Griffin Scarf Shawl Crochet Pattern
Via A Crocheted Simplicity

This crochet shawl/scarf is made with Lion Brand Yarns Mandala in Griffin, a DK weight, self-striping yarn.

The colorwork makes this a perfect crochet project for binge-watching your favorite TV shows. You will not have a bunch of ends to weave in!

This shawl pattern size is easily customizable.

Double Crochet All the Way Shawl Pattern

Double Crochet All the Way Shawl Pattern
Via Wilmade

Whether you're a beginner crocheter or an experienced crafter looking for a quick and easy project, this Double Crochet All The Way Shawl is the perfect pattern for you!

This shawl is made entirely of double crochet stitches, so it's a great way to learn the basics of crocheting a triangle shawl.

And because you can use any yarn you like, it's easy to customize the color and texture of your shawl.

So grab your yarn and crochet hooks and get started on this fun and easy crochet project today!

Rectangle Lace Shawl Pattern

Rectangle Lace Shawl Pattern
Via Yarnplaza

This beautiful shawl with an open-worked fan motif and fringe in a contrasting color is crocheted using Durable Soqs so it is wonderfully warm and can be washed in the washing machine.

The crochet pattern Fan Shawl Rectangle from Durable is clearly laid out and also includes a stitch chart.

This project is perfect for confident beginners and those looking to add a bit of interest to their repertoire.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing colors, so have fun and be creative! With this pattern, you'll be able to create a stylish and versatile piece that will keep you warm all winter long.

Aprilis Shawl Crochet Pattern

Aprilis Shawl Crochet Pattern
Via MyCrochetory

The Aprilis Shawl is a modern and asymmetrical shawl, perfect for sport or fingering weight yarn.

This delicate design starts at one point and then grows until you run out of your desired length- it's easy to follow with simple stitches that are great whether beginners want something more challenging or experienced crocheters enjoy some fresh new challenges!

The colorways available let this versatile accessory match any outfit while adding flair through bold patterns like stripes & solids which give off lots of personality in their unique styles!

Wrapped Waves Blanket Shawl Crochet Pattern

Wrapped Waves Blanket Shawl Crochet Pattern
Via Yarnspirations

This luxurious crochet Shawl features a wavy shell stitch that showcases gorgeous, self-striping colors from Patons Kroy FX.

Personalize your look by selecting the shade which speaks to you and putting your crochet hook to work.

Give the gift of warmth this winter with this beautiful crochet wrap. It's a great present for someone special in these cold months, thanks to its one-of-a-kind design.

Its intricate details and luxurious materials will make anyone feel loved and thought of.

Adirondack Wrap Crochet Pattern

Adirondack Wrap Crochet Pattern
Via One Dog Woof

The Adirondack Wrap is perfect for on-the-go crocheting, watching TV, or sipping and stitching.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to take with you anywhere!

Juno Boucle Beginner Crochet Wrap Pattern

Juno Boucle Beginner Crochet Wrap Pattern
Via Mama In A Stitch

You can't go wrong with this beginner-friendly crochet shawl pattern.

It uses the easy, single crochet stitch and it works up quickly as it's a super bulky yarn!

You'll use an even larger crochet hook too – which means you're able to create some amazing items from your favorite skein of self-striping magic (super) cashmere/alpaca blend goodness. The simple rectangular shape makes all aspects easier than ever before so don’t hesitate; to get started today…

Easy Rectangle Crochet Wrap Pattern

Easy Rectangle Crochet Wrap Pattern
Via Desert Blossom Crafts

The Eva Rectangular Crochet Shawl Pattern is a lacy shawl that will keep you warm and stylish this winter.

It's sophisticated yet lightweight so it'll keep you warm on those cooler evenings with its luscious texture that can't help but make any woman fall in love all over again as she slips her hands into their smoothness against skin.

Lacy, cozy and stylish—perfect for an evening out this season!

The Eva Crochet Shawl Pattern would be the perfect addition to your outfit.

Easy Rectangular Shawl Pattern

Easy Rectangular Shawl Pattern
Via CrochetNCrafts

The perfect accessory for summertime is this free crochet shawl pattern!

The workable design means that you can easily adjust the size, whatever your preferences or needs may be.

Whether it's a lightweight fabric or heavier weights there really isn't an issue when making one of these stylish accessories at any time during the year because their versatile nature allows them to go beyond just feeling good against the skin.

They look great while providing warmth too!

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