Learn A New Crochet Stitch: Fluffy Cotton Candy Crochet Stitch

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This crochet stitch with a distinctive texture is a perfect fit for cotton yarn. Fluffy Cotton Candy Crochet Stitch designed by Crochet For Baby is a lovely and easy crochet stitch that happens to be reversible as well. This stitch looks equally beautiful on either side which works perfectly when crocheting scarves and cozy blankets. It's nice and thick with lots of texture and perfect for baby blankets. Fast and easy, this crochet stitch is  perfect for making all kind of projects: from crochet baby blankets, scarfs, sweaters, cardigans, dresses, baby afghans to crochet hats and so much more.



Fluffy Cotton Candy Crochet Stitch

For the tutorial I used medium #4 yarn with a 5mm Crochet hook. You can use any type of yarn as long as you use the recommended crochet hook size. 

To make a blanket: With a 4.5mm hook and #3 baby yarn make 141 chains. If you want it bigger add chains in increments of 10. If you want it smaller take chains off in groups of 3. Continue for about 42 rows or until you have the size you want or until it looks square. Finish your blanket with a border of your choice. Here’s a beautiful and easy border that I recommend for this stitch https://youtu.be/rXuVmD-_VaU

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Thanks to Crochet For Baby for the article inspiration and featured image.

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