Free Crochet Velvet Scrunchie Pattern

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The Bernat Velvet Yarn is one of the most perfect yarns to create crochet pattern hair scrunchies. These Velvet Scrunchies, designed by Sierra's Crafty Creations have a distinctly luxurious feel because of the use of velvet. This is similar to other hair scrunchies in the way that it is crocheted around the elastic, however, the yarn is not used. The design of the hair scrunchie works in a tube-like shape and with a flat elastic thread that is passed through the tube to give the scrunchie its unique look.


Free Crochet Velvet Scrunchie Pattern

Supply list:

Bernat velvet yarn approx. 20 grams
Size J 6mm hook
1 elastic hair band

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Free Crochet Velvet Scrunchie Pattern
Via Sierra's Crafty Creations

Get the pattern: Free Crochet Velvet Scrunchie Pattern via Sierra's Crafty Creations.

Thanks to Sierra Fontaine for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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