Free Crochet Towel Holder Pattern- No Button, No Sew!

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One of the most annoying things about cooking can be trying to find a free hand to pick up your kitchen towel every time it slips off the stove.

If you're tired of this problem, then don't worry!

Here is an easy solution that will free up both hands and keep your towel securely in place.

This free crochet towel holder pattern is a quick and free way to keep your kitchen towels in place.

Simply fold the towel holder in half, and use it to hang your towel on any hook or knob that you want!

This no sew, no button design will provide an easy solution for anyone who has ever had their kitchen towel slip off of their stove handle.

Follow these free, no sew instructions for making a free crochet towel holder pattern!


Free Crochet Towel Holder Pattern- No Button, No Sew!

This no-sew, no button crochet towel holder pattern is great for your leftover bits of yarn. A clever design with an easy solution!

You can make it in in just a few minutes and you can make multiples of these in both your kitchen and bathroom!

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Free Crochet Towel Holder Pattern- No Button, No Sew!
Via Chateau Bornais Crochet.

Get the pattern Free Crochet Towel Holder Pattern via Chateau Bornais Crochet.

Thanks to Chateau Bornais Crochet for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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