• Flower Blanket Crochet Pattern For Your Scrap Yarn

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    Made of really pretty flowers, this flower blanket crochet pattern is easy and fast to do. Flower Scraps by Ali Crafts Designs is a very nice pattern you can use to make some really pretty smaller projects like dishcloths or table runners. There are many joining methods for these little flowers and you can choose the one that fits you the most.


    Flower Blanket Crochet Pattern


    This is a pattern to use up all your scraps of 4ply sock yarn
    Round 1 takes approx 80cms of yarn
    Round 2 takes approx 280cms of yarn

    you will also need 4.0mm hook

    Crochet Flower Projects

    Flower Dishcloth

    Flower Granny Square Blanket

    Japanese Flower Blanket 

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    Flower Blanket Crochet Pattern For Your Scrap Yarn
    Via Ali Crafts Designs

    Get the Flower Blanket Crochet Pattern via Ali Crafts Designs.

    Thanks to Ali Crafts Designs for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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