Simply And Utterly Gorgeous Japanese Flower Blanket

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You recognize a stellar project when you see one, right? We all do, we know exactly what wins our hearts without even knowing why, many times.

This blanket is amazing. We can go on to talk about all different features that makes it amazing, but chances are, we don't need to do this because if you are here and reading this, you're loving it too!

There are 365 bright and beautiful flowers in total in this stunning Japanese Flower Blanket created by Matt and Dennis at BOYS & BUNTING.

they were joined as we went along! Each petal has 8 stitches, so we joined using the 4th and the 5th stitch every time!

There is NO pattern presented for this bright and cheerful blanket that appears as a true flower garden BUT we do have a similar pattern for you so you can create your own stunning Japanese flower blanket, and you can find it HERE.

You can even us the same colors Matt and Dennis used in their blanket to create a similar effect.

Check out the original source for this Simply And Utterly Gorgeous Japanese Flower Blanket with all the directions at: BOYS & BUNTING.

Thanks to Matt and Dennis for the article inspiration and featured image.

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