[Video Tutorial] Learn A New Crochet Stitch: Cable Crochet Stitch

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Cable stitches are famous for adding elegance and class to any pattern. Their heavy texture and classic beauty are always trendy and in style. From home decor projects to fashion, a crochet project made using cable stitches makes a bold statement on its own.

There are so many wonderful and interesting variations of the so well-known cable stitches, and today's article features a gorgeous looking one: Cable Crochet Stitch by Cherry Cheeks Quick Stitches.



This video tutorial takes cable stitches to a new level of creativity. You'll probably be quickly impressed to see how easy is to make this beautiful and interesting-looking pattern. Watch the video tutorial below, courtesy of Cherry Cheeks Quick Stitches, and learn how to make this gorgeous-looking cable crochet stitch.

Get the pattern: Cherry Cheeks Quick Stitches

Thanks to Cherry Cheeks Quick Stitches  for the article inspiration and featured image.

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