Super Easy Crochet Bubble Pop Stitches Baby Blanket

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This adorable baby blanket is a simple and easy project for someone who is just becoming familiar with crocheting. 

Elegant and stylish, this super easy crochet bubble pop stitches baby blanket is the perfect gift for a new parent!

This stitch creates amazing texture to your hooked bits, it's easy to memorize and it looks professional.

What a treasure this crochet stitch is: how many times you can find a stitch to make a baby blanket that looks so beautiful for such little effort!


Super Easy Bubble Pop Stitches Baby Blanket Free Pattern

[Video Tutorial] Super Easy Crochet Bubble Pop Stitches Baby Blanket


This Super Easy Crochet Bubble Pop Stitches Baby Blanket pattern will help you make a crochet blanket sure to be treasured for a long time!

Learn how to make a warm and comfortable baby blanket by following the video tutorial below, courtesy of That Woman.

If you are challenged by the Puff, Popcorn, Raspberry or Bobble stitch then here is an easy alternative, the Bubble Pop Stitch. So called because it resembles the plastic bubble wrap that you just want to pop! Just a two stitch, two repeat row pattern. Creates a lovely dimensional project.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done:

Get the pattern: Bubble Pop Stitches Baby Blanket Free Pattern.

Thanks to That Woman for the article inspiration and featured image.

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  1. I’m assuming there’s a row of sc in between? The tutorial doesn’t say that. But mentions a 2 row repeat.

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