• Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns For Beginners 2020

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    This crochet baby blanket for beginners is the easiest blanket ever! The pattern is really simple as it is just a one-row repeat and using a big hook makes working this blanket really fast.

    Fast And Easy Crochet  Beginner Blanket designed by Sirin's Crochet has a cozy and warm texture and is really quick and easy to crochet.

    You'll be done in no time with this beautiful, cozy, and squishy Easy Crochet Baby Blanket!

    This beautiful squishy and easy crochet baby blanket comes with a video tutorial as well.

    Watch it, you'll love it when the kitty comes to visit. 🙂


    Easy Crochet Baby Blanket For Beginners Free Pattern

    This Easy Crochet Blanket for Beginners will be perfect to snuggle up with on cold winter nights or wrap around your shoulders while you enjoy a hot cup of tea in front of the fireplace.

    You'll need:

    Size 4 yarn 630m
    6.5mm and 7mm hook
    Tapestry needle

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    Quick And Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern For Beginners

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    Get the pattern: Crochet Baby Blanket For Beginners Free Pattern via Sirin's Crochet.

    Thanks to Sirin's Crochet for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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    More Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns For Beginners 2020

    Do you need a baby blanket for your little one? Why not crochet one, it's really easy! These Easy and Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns For Beginners 2020 are the perfect patterns for you.

    Making crochet baby blankets can be an extremely satisfying task. Whether you need to attend an upcoming baby shower or have a child’s birthday coming up, chances are that you are looking for interesting crochet baby blanket patterns. This post shares some of the top ideas that will help you make a good impression. Make the most of the winter months by crocheting the amazing baby blanket patterns as mentioned in this post.

    Each of the crochet baby blanket patterns is delicate and helps make the blanket functional. If you have some time to spare, you are going to love the baby blanket patterns we have shared in this post. All you have to do to get started is grab some yarn and work at it. You will have a blanket prepared in no time.

    It can be very fun making baby blankets. Besides, who does not love doing something exciting for their little bundle of joy? Show the love by crocheting these amazing baby blanket patterns. You will become a master soon enough.

    There is just something about crocheting a baby blanket pattern that makes you feel happy. Seeing a little baby snuggling with a blanket leaves you feeling good about yourself. We could add some love to our lives. With plenty of great options to choose from, we have prepared a list of crochet baby blankets that can be made in record time. They make for an adorable baby gift. Let’s take a look at the best patterns.

    1. Textured Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

    If you are a beginner at crochet or do not have much time to spare, you can crochet a textured baby blanket. This pattern is easy to work on. You can even add some intricate details with minimal effort. The blanket has an ivory color which helps keep things simple. However, you can always add more colors.


    Get the pattern: Textured Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern via Crochet.Life

    2. Meadow Sage Baby Blanket Pattern

    Featuring a puff stitch, this easy crochet baby blanket pattern is quite unique. Its simple pattern makes it easy for anyone to create as all you have to do is keep repeating similar stitches until you have completed crocheting. You can also add some unique stitches to make it stand out.

    Get the pattern: Meadow Sage Baby Blanket Pattern via Crochet.Life

    3. Nursery Patch Crochet Blanket Pattern

    Impress your baby with a nursery patch crochet blanket. The square pattern gives it a nice touch. You can use the colors of your choice to give it a unique look. It is up to you to decide how you want the final output to be.

    Get the pattern: Nursery Patch Crochet Blanket Pattern via Crochet.Life

    4. Ribbed Baby Blanket Pattern

    Add some texture to your project by incorporating a ribbed baby blanket pattern. The best thing about this easy crochet baby blanket pattern is that tends to be thicker which makes it ideal for the colder winter months. Keeping the baby warm should be at the top of your mind.

    Get the pattern: Ribbed Baby Blanket Pattern via Crochet.Life

    5. Large Square Baby Blanket

    This interesting pattern is easy to make as it is quite large. Once you are done with making the pattern, you will be surprised by how it looks.

    Get the pattern: Large Square Baby Blanket via Crochet.Life

    6.Falling Petals Crochet Blanket Pattern

    One of the blankets that you can make is the falling petals blanket. The texture of the afghan is soft and amazing. It gives a 3D look because of the variation of shell stitch. For this blanket, it is advised to use a worsted weight yarn, which has a good drape.

    Get the pattern: Falling Petals Crochet Blanket Pattern via CrochetDreamz.

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      Thanks for sharing this pattern. I have used this for making blanket for my niece and she absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing. I am your regular subscriber from today 🙂

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