[Video Tutorial] These Magical Dragons Are Almost Ridiculously Adorable!

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These guys are absolutely amazing! Dragon Dragon Dragon! Ever wonder how to train your dragon? Assuming you have one of course! 🙂

Here is your chance, not only you get to learn how to make these spectacular handmade toys (which by the way, is much easier than you think! )  but you'll also make some of the best toys for children. Better than the ones a toy store provides!

 Fire Breathing Dragon by Sharon Ojala is 16 to 18 inches tall and it can change looks from fiercer looking to sleepy and friendlier looking dragon, all covered in writing and best video tutorials! These magical dragons are stunning yet amazing in the eyes of little ones. With their funny expressions and the vivid colors, these stunning and so captivating crochet creatures will helps the little ones find their way to a world of mesmerizing endless possibilities.

Go ahead and follow the link to the next page for the video tutorial.

[Video Tutorial] These Magical Dragons Are Almost Ridiculously Adorable!


117 thoughts on “[Video Tutorial] These Magical Dragons Are Almost Ridiculously Adorable!”

  1. Those are so cute. I am eventually going to start making stuff to donate. I don’t know that kids like things so much that isn’t in a commercial:(

  2. Love it! Sharon Ojala is a fantastic designer!! She also has her own YouTube channel too with lots of amigurumi on it.
    I’ve made many of her designs and never had a problem following any of her instructions, even though I’m fairly new to crochet.

  3. Helen, please click the name of the pattern on the first paragraph ( Fire Breathing Dragon) or the ink just below the video,on the second page, in the credits area. Hope it helps!

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