• [Video Tutorial] These Magical Dragons Are Almost Ridiculously Adorable!

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    What could be more fun than having your very own fire breathing dragon? The mythical creatures that can that breathe fire through their mouth or nostrils fly around the world in no time or simply dance in your kitchen or playroom the funniest most captivating dragon dance. This crochet fire breathing dragon is here to help your imagination fly wherever you feel it would be the more fun.

    Fire Breathing Dragon [Video Tutorial] These Magical Dragons Are Almost Ridiculously Adorable!

    The green dragon is made with Red Heart Comfort yarn Emerald 3233
    The bluish looking one is Red Heart Comfort Yarn Peacock 3193
    Red one is 2 rolls of Red Heart Super in Saver Cherry Red
    The Comfort yarn comes in jumbo rolls. One of those rolls is more than enough to make one dragon

    Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Amigurumi To Go

    Thanks to Sharon Ojala for article inspiration and featured image.

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    117 Comments to [Video Tutorial] These Magical Dragons Are Almost Ridiculously Adorable!

    1. Those are so cute. I am eventually going to start making stuff to donate. I don’t know that kids like things so much that isn’t in a commercial:(

    2. Love it! Sharon Ojala is a fantastic designer!! She also has her own YouTube channel too with lots of amigurumi on it.
      I’ve made many of her designs and never had a problem following any of her instructions, even though I’m fairly new to crochet.

    3. Helen, please click the name of the pattern on the first paragraph ( Fire Breathing Dragon) or the ink just below the video,on the second page, in the credits area. Hope it helps!

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