[Video Tutorial] The Technique Used To Make These Simple Crochet Peppermint Coaster Is Really Interesting!

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This  pattern is so fun to make and really pretty. These peppermint coasters will add more colors to any Christmas table. They are so fast and easy to make. It\'s such a great pattern for a quick gift. This pattern can also be used to make peppermint hanging ornaments or decorations or even to be used in the greeting cards.



The technique used to make the red stripes is really interesting. Although is not difficult at all; it may cause frustration if you don\'t know how to do it.

This simple crochet peppermint coaster for the Christmas/Holiday season is really simple to make if you learn how to make the red stripes. This is a really interesting technique; I\'ve never seen it done before. Crochet along with Patricia Esposito and learn how to make these lovely and fun crocheted peppermint coasters.

Thanks to Patricia Esposito  for the article inspiration and featured image.

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9 thoughts on “[Video Tutorial] The Technique Used To Make These Simple Crochet Peppermint Coaster Is Really Interesting!”

  1. There should only be 12 spaces in the pattern. Her mistake was made on the row of 24 single crochets; be careful to connect that row with a slip stitch in the top of the first sc, rather than what she did connecting with a sl st in the top of her previous slip stitch. Doing what she did will create an extra stitch in the row, subsequently leading to her having 13 spaces instead of 12.

  2. I have had this pattern for a while now. I was thinking if I link/intertwine the “loops” it will make an awesome holiday scarf. I bought the yarn yesterday, Red Heart with Love metallic in red and white. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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