[Free Pattern] Outstanding Lacy Flower Granny Square

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Very beautiful and delicate granny! This Lacy Flower Granny Square by Meladora\'s Creations for Crochet can be used to create outstanding lacy afghans! I find the colors in the featured image extremely elegant and the combination outstanding, but then again a very elegant and sophisticated look can be obtained with a  completely different pallet. Depending on the size of the project you want to make, you\'ll find below the number of the squares you\'ll need to crochet. There is also a video tutorial on the page, showing you how to make this beautiful Lacy Flower Granny Square.

For this project you’ll need:

HOOK: 5 mm hook or size H hook for the US

YARN: Worsted weight yarn, 4 ply US, 10 ply AU

If you want to make this for a:

Twin size bed: 7 in length and 10 wide would be a great size

Queen size bed: 12 in length and 12 wide

King size bed: 12 in length and 14 wide ( Source)

To watch the Lacy Flower Granny Square video tutorial, please go to the next page.


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