How To Change Colors In Crochet At The End Of A Row

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Learn how to change colors in crochet the correct way with this simple video tutorial. If you need to change colors for every row or two, how do you do it? Some people weave ends at each color change, some leave a long tail and have a fringe and some run it up the sides if it's only a row or two.

In this video tutorial, Bobbie Thomson, the voice behind Crochet Guru teaches us how to change yarn color the correct way by demonstrating the single crochet stitch.

In my opinion, this is by far the best video on how to switch colors correctly and how to crochet the ends in and not make knots at the end of each row.

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How To Change Colors In Crochet- Crochet Changing Colors At The Beginning Or End Of A Row


Follow along with Bobbie Thomson and learn the correct way to change color in crochet. If you're a less experienced crocheter, you should feel more confident in changing colors after watching this video tutorial.

This Simple Trick Makes Changing Colors For Striped Patterns Really Easy

How To Change Colors In Crochet

About this Tutorial:
When changing color at the beginning or end of a row you never want to complete the last stitch. Instead you want to work the last stitch to where there are only two loops left on your hook.

In this lesson I show you how to change yarn color by demonstrating the single crochet stitch, but the guidelines are the same for any crochet stitch that you use.

When you change yarn color while crocheting it is helpful to understand that a slip knot is not important. The only thing you need to do when changing yarn color is fold the new color in half leaving about 4 inches left on the tail end, and draw the new color through the 2 loops that are left on the hook.

After the new color is threaded through the old color treat the work as before by chaining. In this lesson I chain only once because I use the single crochet stitch as the example.

Another thing to remember when you change color is to crochet over the loose ends. This is also demonstrated in the tutorial.

How To Change Colors In Crochet At The Beginning Or End Of A Row Video Tutorial


Thanks to Bobbie Thomson for the article inspiration and featured image.

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34 thoughts on “How To Change Colors In Crochet At The End Of A Row”

  1. I have never felt safe about not knotting the ends & weaving them in. Am I wrong? I’m so worried about completing a blanket or other large project & eventually having the ends come loose & creating a hole. Earlier today I saw a tutorial on doing a ‘Russian join’. I think I would feel okay with that but just weaving in the ends as is shown in this tutorial scares me. Am I wrong?

  2. This is how I change colors but I prefer to weave in the ends instead of crocheting over them, particularly on projects that will be subjected to stretching. I find that the ends bunch up within the work if that section gets stretched, such as with a hat.

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