• 3 Great And Simple Techniques To Join A New Ball of Yarn

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    How do you join a new ball of yarn? Getting a gentle knot when joining a new ball of yarn may be a little tricky. Or maybe not! How many ways of joining your old and new yarn do you know? After watching the video tutorial below, courtesy of ThePatternfamily you’ll know at least three ways of joining a new ball of yarn so you can carry on with your crochet or knitting really quickly.


    How to Join a New Ball of Yarn in Three Different Ways 

    Thanks to ThePatternfamily for the article inspiration and featured image.

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    27 Comments to 3 Great And Simple Techniques To Join A New Ball of Yarn

    1. I have been knitting and crocheting for over 50 years and I have NEVER put a knot in my yarn. Always start a new ball by weaving in ends….a knot (no matter how it’s made) can come untied over time.

    2. I ‘fuse’ wool yarn by splicing old end and new end about 2 inches, then wetting my free palm and vigorously rubbing back and forth until fused. Makes a continuous strand.

    3. I take end of yarn thread into a needle and slip it in the middle of next skein I’m connecting with. I thread down about an in and even the two ends out. Slightly thicker but it’s easier for me and neater..

    4. I knot the ends but leave the tails of the knot long, then weave in those ends, along with any other ends, when work is finished. Hate when u find knots in a new skein, & they’ve cut the ends real short, so they poke out of your work & make it look less finished!

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