Super Fast Mile-A-Minute Crochet Baby Blanket Video Tutorial

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Learn how to make a super fast and easy mile-a-minute crochet baby blanket. It's so simple! First, you'll be just doing some big long strips which you will be joining as you go and then you'll be adding a super cute border to make it look finished.

This Mile-A-Minute Crochet Baby Blanket designed by  The Secret Yarnery makes a great gift for pretty much any occasion. It's great as a baby shower or a wedding present. Or, you can just throw it over an armchair or the back of your sofa and it looks fantastic.


Mile-A-Minute Crochet Baby Blanket

You will need two balls of your three different colors. I am using this Lorena print, it is 55% cotton and 45% acrylic. 100 grams 160 meters it's a size 4 worsted weight 4 thickness, it's a really really great yarn it's super springy super squishy very soft and also bulky so it goes super quick. I am using a 7 millimeter hook to make this blanket you will also need a darning needle and a pair of scissors my blanket is 30 inches wide and 40 inches tall and I used three balls of a white two balls of light green two balls of lilac and two balls of light turquoise so just adjust your quantities for whatever size blanket you want to make.

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Super Fast Mile-A-Minute Crochet Baby Blanket Video Tutorial

Mile-A-Minute Crochet Baby Blanket Video Tutorial

Thanks to The Secret Yarnery for the article inspiration and featured image.

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