Sore Ear Savers – Save Those Ears From Blisters Or Sores

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We all know a few people who would appreciate the sore ear savers! Wearing protective equipment all day, every day may become painful at times. Sore Ear Savers pattern by Cuddly Crochet Creations is very quick to make and is a great pattern for crafters looking to donate to help essential workers during the pandemic. It has a crochet version, a knit version, and a sewn version and it will make a great difference for those people in your life who are lucky enough to receive one from you, in either version.


Sore Ear Savers Free Crochet Pattern

Pattern includes instruction for CROCHET, KNIT, AND SEWN.

Materials needed for all versions:
-sewing needle
-2 buttons (between 15mm-22mm)

Materials needed for crochet/knit version:
-4 weight (worsted) yarn
-4.5mm hook or 4mm needles

Materials needed for sewn version:
-100% cotton fabric

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Sore Ear Savers - Save Those Ears From Blisters Or Sores
Via Cuddly Crochet Creations.

Get the pattern: Sore Ear Savers Free Crochet Pattern via Cuddly Crochet Creations.

Thanks to Cuddly Crochet Creations for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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3 thoughts on “Sore Ear Savers – Save Those Ears From Blisters Or Sores”

  1. What would wash instructions for these be? Especially with the virus everywhere right now, they would need to be sterilized between each use.

  2. Beverly A Miller

    Since the virus has a lipid layer, hopefully soap and water works. I was thinking of putting them through the washing machine and dryer (in a lingerie bag).
    Alternatively, dunking it in rubbing alcohol and letting it air dry should work too.

    1. If it’s made of acrylic yarn, which is a plastic, it shouldn’t be placed in rubbing alcohol or exposed to high heat. But if it’s made of 100% cotton yarn, no problem.

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