Stunning Kaleidoscope Blanket Free Crochet Pattern With A Beautiful Geometric Design

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This absolutely stunning Kaleidoscope blanket with a beautiful geometric design made of triangles, squares, and octagons, is a wonderful way to celebrate your colourwork crochet skills. With an amazing combination of flat stitches with post stitches and popcorns, The Kaleidoscope Blanket designed by Catherine Bligh is a unique heirloom blanket that’s full of rich texture and colour.


The Kaleidoscope Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

It measures 63”/157cm across at the widest point, perfect for the top of a double bed.
There are three colourways to choose from, each creating a wholly different effect. Jewellery Box takes
inspiration from rich jewel colours, a striking contrast against the white; Old Rose is a more vintage floral
colourway; and Tequila Sunrise is bold and warm, named for the colours in the classic cocktail.
It's not a project for a novice, but it's absolutely suitable for somebody who wants to try colourwork for
the first time. There are lots of pictures to help with the written instructions.

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Stunning Kaleidoscope Blanket Free Crochet Pattern With A Beautiful Geometric Design
Via Morbidsparks

Get the free crochet pattern: The Kaleidoscope Blanket Free Crochet Pattern via Morbidsparks.

Thanks to Catherine Bligh for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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