• How To Make Different Crochet Shapes

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    What is your favorite crochet shape? Here are 5 basic crochet shapes to choose from: circles, cones, spheres, ovals and cylinders. If you know how to make these shapes, chances are you are ready to crochet pretty much all kinds of projects!
    The 5 Basic Crochet Shapes tutorial courtesy of Tamara Kelly, is going to teach you how to make the above mentioned 5 basic crochet shapes. Great for beginners this tutorial is also a good reminder for those crocheters who are a bit more experienced.


    5 Basic Crochet Shapes

    These shapes are the building blocks of hats, bags, toys, amigurumi, finger puppets, and so much more. So let’s round five of them up today and pin them all down in one place!

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    Head over to Moogly  for the fabulous tutorial: 5 Basic Crochet Shapes.

    Thanks to Tamara Kelly for the article inspiration and featured image.

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