[Free Pattern] World\’s Easiest Ripple!

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There are so many creative color schemes you can do with this blanket! This Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB is truly an easy, fun and fast pattern. There are lots of people who don't like “holes” patterns when making a baby blanket. This little ripple blankie  with “no holes” design is the perfect pattern for baby blankets.


Materials given in pattern:

Worsted weight acrylic yarn in desired colors. About 12 ounces each of 3 different colors (36 ounces total) will make a 40 inch by 60 inch afghan (the ideal size for Project Linus). 30 ounces varigated yarn made a 40 inch by 60 inch afghan.


Sport or baby sport yarn. About 21 ounces of baby sport yarn made a 42 inch by 39 inch afghan.

Crochet hook size I for worsted weight yarn
Crochet hook size G for sport weight/3-ply yarn

Easy Ripple Afghan by SusanB

Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Handcrafting With Love

Thanks to SusanB for the article inspiration and featured image.

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14 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] World\’s Easiest Ripple!”

  1. I get the same results. The pattern I use is one my older sister taught me. I don’t know where she got the pattern. It is very easy. It is a multiple of 21.

    For example, for a twin size, I make 12 peaks, so I chain 252 (12 x 21). First sc is done on the second chain and repeat 8 times. So you have 9 sc. On the 10th chain, do three sc. Then you sc on the next nine chains. Skip two chains and you sc on the 3rd chain and eight sc on next eight chains. Then you are back at doing three on 10th chain. Repeat this pattern until you make your last peak.

    At this last peak, work eight sc, skip the ninth chain and last sc on tenth chain. Turn and chain one and you start on the next row. Make sure to only work on the back loop to get the ripple effect.

    Hope you can understand what I said and find it useful.

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