[Free Patterns] 3 Fabulous And Easy To Crochet Winter Coats

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Winter coats are the main clothing pieces during the cold season. If you like to stand out from the crown you'll probably be shopping for something that not only beautiful but also, as usually happens, quite expensive too. Luckily, if you know how to crochet, you also know how to save lots of money and still look fabulous. These 3 winter coats are outstanding. Not only they are beautiful, these gorgeous and easy to make crochet winter coats will keep you warm too. Each one of them is made using a different exquisite stitch and all three of them are easy to make.

These Winter Coats crochet patterns are presented by Eva of Crochet Patterns To Try. Make sure you visit her site to get these patterns. They are way too fabulous to be missed!

To get to the pattern's page, please click the name of the pattern.

1. Crossover Stitch Winter Coat 

Winter Coats

2. Ribbed Late Fall Coat

Winter Coats 2

3. Lean Puff Stitch Warm and Fuzzy Coat 

Winter Coats 3

Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Crochet Patterns To Try

Thanks to Eva for the article inspiration and images.

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  1. Why can’t I find any reference to these winter coat patterns? Am I not understanding where the patterns are?

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