[Free Pattern] This Super Cute Owl Bag Is Perfect For When You Want To Go \”Light\” While You\’re Out

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If you like owls you will absolutely love this cute pattern. This Crocodile Stitch Owl Bag #63 by Amanda Chapman is just adorable. All you need is just to find the right person who loves to wear it! You get the free pattern written for three different sizes ” small, medium and large and a very clever photo-tutorial to help you make the invisible join and all the details and steps you need to take to make this cute Crocodile Stitch Owl Bag.

If you need help with the crocodile stitch you can also watch this Video+Photo Tutorial.

This pattern creates a wonderful visually appealing bag. The color possibilities are endless. Crocodile Stitch is a little tricky but well worth it to learn. Bag comes in 3 sizes, small(22cm wide by 19cm length), medium(25cm wide by 22cm length) and large(29cm wide by 27cm length).

Pattern written in English, standard American Terms

YARN SIZE: Size 4 Medium Worsted Weight Yarn (10-12wpi)

SKILL LEVEL: Experienced beginner

owl purseImage source: Amanda

Thanks to Amanda for article inspiration and featured image.

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67 thoughts on “[Free Pattern] This Super Cute Owl Bag Is Perfect For When You Want To Go \”Light\” While You\’re Out”

  1. Yes it’s on Ravelry “crocodile s$#%&!@*ch owl bag #63”. In the link above, if you click on the highlighted sentence about the pattern, it takes you directly to ravelrys page for it. 🙂

  2. Click on the box above under the picture that says [Free Pattern], on next screen under the picture, 1st sentence, at end it has in green Crocodile Stitch Owl Bag, click on that, on the next screen under the 2 green boxes, click on Free Ravelry Download, another page will come up and you click on (under the picture of the pattern) download PDF, click open when box appears at the bottom of the screen and you will have the pattern….it’s not best setup to get the pattern but you will have it. I have found this problem with several sites, it just takes a little work and patience. Hope this helps.

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