• This Is By Far The Fastest And Easiest Crochet Baby Blanket You’ll Ever Make!

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    This easy crochet baby blanket is a beginner-friendly pattern and can be done in about 11-12 hours.

    Of course, if this is your first project and it takes longer, don't beat yourself up.

    Learning a skill takes time.

    This Fast Easy Crochet Baby Blanket by Amy Solovay is suitable for either baby boy or baby girl and is made using only two basic crochet stitches: single crochet stitches and chain stitches.

    Fast Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Sizes:

    Warm up your crochet hooks because we have a fast crochet baby blanket free pattern for you!

    This beginner-friendly crochet pattern is worked in just a few hours, and it's perfect for a quick baby shower gift.

    The simple crochet stitches used in this textured baby blanket make it soft and warm, perfect for a new arrival.

    So grab your yarn and get started on this delightful crochet project today!

    You can choose from preemie, newborn, or toddler sizes which offer protection that will last through many hospital stays!

    The materials used have been chosen with safety in mind so you know they'll be safe no matter what size the baby comes into the world weighing less than 2 pounds 10 ounces (or 8 weeks).

    The beginner-friendly crochet baby blanket pattern is a great way to use up your current yarn and hook!

    This is easy enough for anyone with some basic skills.

    The skill level rated at “beginner” means that even if you don't know how this guide will teach it all in step by step so there's no need Culkin' It Up fast like I did when making my last project – yikes!–but also appeals wide variety of crafters because well…we've got everything here from Novice UP TOhooked On Crochet blankets readymade just waiting their turn.

    Quick Crochet Baby Blanket

    Materials and Finished Blanket Sizes:

    • Light Weight Baby Yarn: The yarn I used is Bernat Softee baby yarn. I made sample blankets in a couple of different colors.My preemie-sized sample was crocheted using the color called “Pink,” which is perfect for a baby girl. My newborn-sized blanket was crocheted using the “Antique White” color, which works well for either baby boys or girls. Feel free to use a different color; if crocheted in a boy-friendly color, this blanket would also be ideal for baby boys. If you aren't sure of the baby's gender, pick a neutral color that could work either way — the mint green color would be a nice choice, as would the white color. For best results, make sure all skeins are from the same dye lot.This yarn is rated as a “3” on the Craft Yarn Council's yarn weight system. This weight is also known as “light worsted,” “DK,” or “Double Knitting.” According to the yarn label, the manufacturer also labels it as “Sport DK,” “Tricot Léger,” and “Jersey Ligero.”
    • Preemie Size: My sample blanket measures about 26 inches wide by 34 inches long. This measurement was taken without any edging; if you wish to add an edging, your finished blanket will be a bit bigger.You will need 2 balls / 10 oz / 280 g of yarn for the blanket itself, plus more for crocheting your gauge swatch. So if you crochet your blanket using Bernat Softee, you'll need to get 3 5 oz skeins of yarn. See pictures of the pink crochet baby blanket for an example of how this blanket looks.As far as yardage goes, you'll need about 724 yards / 662 meters for the blanket itself, plus more for your gauge swatch.
    • Newborn / Receiving Blanket Size: My sample blanket is 30 inches square. You could make yours a bit longer — around 34 inches long — if you prefer.You will need 2-3 of the 5 oz balls of Bernat Softee for this size. My sample blanket measures about 30 inches square, and I used exactly two balls with none left over. If you'd like to work a gauge swatch, or make your blanket longer, you'll need a third ball of this yarn.
    • Toddler Size: Finished size is about 36 inches by 44 inches.I estimate that you'll need 4 of the 5 oz balls of Bernat Softee to crochet this size.
    • Crochet Hook: I used a size I crochet hook to make my sample baby blankets. You might need a different size hook to achieve the correct gauge.
    • Tapestry Needle: You'll use this for weaving in ends when you are finished crocheting your blanket.
    • Safety Pin: You'll need a stitch marker or safety pin for temporarily marking a stitch at the beginning of your work.

    Get the FULL WRITTEN PATTERN for this Fast Easy Crochet Baby Blanket pattern with all the directions at About

    Thanks to Amy Solovay for this article's inspiration and featured image.

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    Happy crocheting! 

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