• [Photo Tutorial] This How To Knit A Shoe Tutorial Is Brilliant!

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    This is a fun project! Teenagers will go crazy about it! It's cheap, it's fancy, and it’s genius!  What's even greater about it, in my opinion, is that you can really get creative and knit a really unique pair of shoe. Nobody else but you! Or….maybe your best girlfriend!  The Tutorial – how to knit a shoe by Kamilla is in form of a pdf download with lots of pics and instructions. You get to choose between two downloads: in English and in Swedish.

    (skor en.pdf) is the English one
    (skor.pdf) is the Swedish one

    In May 2011 I’d knit a pair of shoes, I’ve seen knitted shoes on the internet but didn’t find anyone that was like I imaged it so I decided to knit a pair!, it took about 1½ week for me to measure, knit and glue them together.
    I added picture to my ravelry project and got A LOT OF LOVE and great feedback so I thought that I may do a tutorial on them! This will be an tutorial to a one color shoe but if you got a fav. chart for some stranded knitting; use it! As you see is the pics in the tutorial from two different pair of shoes.(Source)

    how to kknot a apair of shoe 2Image source: Kamilla

    Thanks to Kamilla for this article inspiration and featured image.

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    Thank you for sharing!

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