• [Free Pattern] This 18,000 Stitches Throw- Sized Afghan Is Stunningly Beautiful

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    Watch this lovely video tutorial to learn the double crochet stitch. This is a beginner crochet tutorial, brought to you by Bobbie of Crochet Guru. The beautiful 18.000 throw, featured in this article and designed by Kristine of Kristine In Between it’s been made using this stitch. Hopefully, by the end of this video you’ll gain enough confidence and find making your first crochet project pretty easy as well.

    The double crochet stitch is the second most popular stitch. That is why it is so important to learn and understand how it works.

    About this Tutorial:
    Bobbie starts this tutorial by explaining where to place the first double crochet stitch in the foundation chain. This is helpful because if the placement is not correct the crochet project will not form correctly, or look right in the end.

    Bobbie also demonstrates the second row because it is important to understand how to form the correct height when double crocheting. All of the following rows will need to be worked in the same way.

    Check out the original source for this pattern with all the directions and full written pattern at: Kristine In Between

    Thanks to Kristine for article inspiration and featured image.

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    60 Comments to [Free Pattern] This 18,000 Stitches Throw- Sized Afghan Is Stunningly Beautiful

    1. I’ve gone one of these in the works right now. I love using the random stripe generator because figuring out how I want a pattern to go stresses me out!

    2. It would be pretty challenging to someone just learning or to my 8 year old who is just learning. It will be the most beautiful blanket I’ve ever seen. What’s easy for one isn’t always easy for the other. Maybe something you should remember.

    3. Mia Cotto Even if a TEENAGER made a double crochet blanket as a first project, it would be beautiful as well, but considering the caliber of the other designs this site offers, this is the ultimate in “meh”. And … if your eight year old has enough tenacity to complete a double crochet blanket (that she doesn’t lose interest in the project long before its half finished), I’ll give you AND her “props”.

    4. Getting to the pattern from the FB post is not an easy thing. I have tried and given up a couple of times. I think if they are going to post they should be sure the link words well.

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