[Free Pattern] Mollie Flowers Are Adorable!

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I love how this little flower can be beautifully embellish in so many projects. Mollie flowers are adorable! Mollie Flowers by Brigitte Read is a multiple usable pattern! Fast and cute and you get to use all your bits of yarn. Just imagine what a beautiful “field of flowers” you could have with these sweet little flowers.

I first saw these crochet puff stitch flowers used as a throw pillow and absolutely loved them. I didn’t need floral throw pillows, but when I found out my sister was having a baby girl, I thought a flower blanket would be perfect. Here is the pattern from Roman Sock. The pattern gives step-by-step instructions for the flowers as well as how to join them. The flowers are just 6 puff stitches around a magic ring. They aren’t complicated to make, but it did take some practice to get them them even. The ones I made at the beginning ended up being a slightly different size than the ones I made later, but it all worked out fine in the end. (Source)

mollie flowerImage source: Brigitte Read

Thanks to Brigitte Read for article inspiration and featured image.

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