• [Free Pattern] Granny Spike Stitch Cushion

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    This beautiful and truly inspiring granny spike stitch cushion is so uplifting and refreshing, an excellent twist on the traditional granny stitch. This is a stitch where you get to play with colors. This Granny Spike Stitch cushion pattern is free courtesy of Jacquie of Bunny Mummy and can be found together with a lovely photo tutorial on her blog.

    To begin with you work 2 rounds of a standard granny square…I've done mine in one colour, but that's up to you,different colours would look good. They are the pink rounds in this image………  (in the featured image).

    If you think is too much,you can even try something different like making two rows in the same color. I saw it done here by Crochet Missy, it changes the look a bit and it's still lovey

    crochet-missy-spike-stitch-double-sampleImage source:Crochet Missy

    Featured image source: Jacquie 

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    Thank you for sharing!

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