• This Gorgeous Crochet Wriggle Blanket Is Surprisingly Easy To Make (Video Tutorial)

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    Don't let this crochet wriggle blanket pattern intimidate you, it is absolutely gorgeous and not that difficult to crochet as you may think. You can have so much fun making this crochet Wriggle Blanket designed by Alison Russell's Crochet. It is an amazing pattern you can use to make not only baby blankets but also big play mats, bedside rugs, nursery rugs, bath mats, and large winter throws. This is a great pattern for making a pet blanket or a play rug from all your small scraps of yarn. You can make it any size you wish and you will have a lot of fun crocheting it!


    Crochet Wriggle Blanket Pattern


    Woolcraft double knitting you can try any yarn. Use scrap yarn to mack the mesh part if you want to.

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    Watch the video tutorial below and learn how to crochet this really beautiful crochet wriggle blanket.

    See more about this pattern: Crochet Wriggle Blanket Pattern via Alison Russell’s Craft Channel.

    Thanks to Alison Russell’s Craft Channel for the article’s inspiration and featured image.

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