8 Easy Crochet Triangle Patterns

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Check out these 8 easy crochet triangle patterns to make amazing items and to impress everyone around you with your crochet skills. Ever wondered what amazing items can be made from crochet? You can make purses, shoe patterns, bags, blankets, pillow covers, and even earrings. Just one pattern and you can turn it into so many lovely things. Do you want to try some easy crochet designs?

In this article, we will share 8 easy crochet triangle patterns with you. Let’s start.

8 Easy Crochet Triangle Patterns

1. Mini Crochet Ear Phone Pouch

Whenever we buy hands-free from the market or get one with the mobile phone, it does not have any pouch to keep it safe. They tangle badly and that causes damage to the jack or earplugs. In order to keep the hands-free safe, you can make an easy crochet earphone pouch.

Mini Crochet Ear Phone Pouch- 8 Easy Crochet Triangle Patterns
Via Heart Hook Home

Get the pattern: Mini Crochet Ear Phone Pouch via  Heart Hook Home

2. Multicolor Crochet Triangle Blanket Pattern

You can add some geometric home decor by creating a multicolor Crochet Triangle Blanket. To make it flexible and strong (not to be torn or get stuck anywhere), you need to use a double crochet stitch.

Multicolor Crochet Triangle Blanket Pattern
Via Repeat Crafter Me

Get the pattern: Crochet Triangle Blanket Pattern via Repeat Crafter Me

3. 6 Petal African Flower Triangle Pattern

6 Petal African Flower triangle motifs can be used to make buntings, blankets or purses, etc. They are easy to make and don’t use much yarn. The end result is so pretty.

6 Petal African Flower Triangle Pattern
Via Nicole Hancock

Get the pattern: 6 Petal African Flower Triangle Pattern via Nicole Hancock.

4. Crochet Pyramid Triangle Bag

You can crochet a pyramid shape bag using a crochet triangle pattern. Once you make four sides of the pyramid, you can put a zipper to close it and can even use it as a keychain or small bag.

Crochet Pyramid Triangle Bag
Via 12Squared Creations

Get the pattern: Crochet Pyramid Triangle Bag via 12Squared Creations

5. Crochet Throw Free Pattern

For making this crochet throw you will need a 6mm hook and multicolor crochet yarns. You can use it as a lap rug on the floor or put it on the chair to give your room a comfy and warm feeling.

 Crochet Throw Free Pattern
Via Yarnspirations

Get the pattern: Crochet Throw Free Pattern via Yarnspirations.

6. Crochet Bunting Triangle Patterns

You need to crochet the granny stitch to make these buntings. And you can use these buntings as table decoration or hang it on your wall as a decoration piece.

Via Attic24

Get the pattern: Crochet Bunting Triangle Patterns via Attic24

7. Crochet Granny Triangle Clutch

If you want to carry some cash and coins you can make a small clutch using crochet granny stitch and crochet triangles. The clutch will be strong enough to carry coins and will look if you use bright colors.

Crochet Granny Triangle Clutch
Via Crafternoon Treats

Get the pattern: Crochet Granny Triangle Clutch via Crafternoon Treats

8. Crochet Pincushion Triangle Pattern

Start making crochet cushions using a triangle-shaped pattern. This is so cute and a great gift for sewers and quilters. You can add more designs like flowers or different colors to them.

Crochet Pincushion Triangle Pattern
Via maRRose

Get the pattern: Crochet Pincushion Triangle Pattern via maRRose

Wow, all these crochet designs with triangle patterns are worth to try. You can make blankets, rugs, purses, bags, decor, and whatnot from these simple and pretty designs. The game is all about color schemes and stitch styles. So, go ahead and give these crochet triangle patterns a try.

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