Crochet On The Edges Of Fabric? This Fusion Blanket Is Brilliant!

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This is a timely idea! I love the combination of fabric and crochet, it's pretty cool. I’ve never seen a blanket like that before. Amazed by the creativity some people have. This Kaffe Fusion blanket by Heidi Isaksen-Loxton made by joining beautiful fabrics with soft crochet is such a great idea! The possibilities are endless!

Need help adding a beautiful crochet edge to a fabric? Check out THIS post.



48x Charm Squares (5”x5” cotton fabric)
Sewing Machine
Crochet yarn/ Thick thread for blanket stitch

fusion blanket croche 2

Thanks to Heidi Isaksen-Loxton for the article inspiration and featured image.

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82 thoughts on “Crochet On The Edges Of Fabric? This Fusion Blanket Is Brilliant!”

  1. How do I get this pattern? When I go to the link I see a picture and list of materials needed, but everything that looks like it might be a link to an actual pattern is really an advertisement. Can’t you just create a “download pattern” here button or link?

  2. Liz, the pattern is always linked to the name of the pattern which is introdused with first letter capital and followed by the name of the designer. It’s usualy in the first paragraph and , only one line under. In this article, where it says : This Kaffe Fusion blanket by Heidi Isaksen-Loxton…. please click the Kaffe Fusion link. Hope it helps!

  3. I always just used the tip of the hook, cuz I used metal hooks and they were quite pointy. In a pinch you could use the tip of the small embroidery scissors to poke a n entry hole. but that’s a lot of work

  4. I looked for more of a how two on how she did this and could not find it, can some one point me in the right direction for crochet on the edges of fabric as I think this might be good for some pillow shams I am going to make

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