Opossum Crochet Bag Holder Pattern

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If you love opossums you may need this crochet bag holder pattern to make one for your kitchen. Opossum Bag Holder by Vanessa Stenger is a fantastic free crochet pattern that looks extremely real and extremely cute.

How many grocery bags do you need to keep that many on hand at any single time? Make more bag holders to accommodate your needs and maybe a few more for your friends as gifts because it's true, opossums make friends everywhere they go!


Opossum Crochet Bag Holder Pattern

Hooks Needed

Worsted weight arcylic yarn.
All sold at Micheals but I feel Loops and Threads can be switched with Red Heart or Joanns name brand with the same consistany and overall look.
-Loops n Thread Impeccable – Black
-Loops n Threads Impeccable -Pale Gray
-Value Solid Yarn by Craft Smart – Gray
-Loops n Threads Impeccable Soft Rose
-Loops and Threads Impeccable Golden Beige
-Loops and Thread Impeccable Soft Taupe

Other Materials
-Yarn/ darning needles
-Eyes (unless you want to stitch them in)
-Stitch Markers
-1/2 Pvc Pipe 17 inches long (Only need this if you want to have it hang)
-Heat Gun
-Hammer, or large metal roundish obtect that can be heated (Ipersonally used a 3lb sledge hammer but use what you got)
-Thick heavy duty like gloves

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Opossum Crochet Bag Holder Pattern
Via Vanessa Stenger

Get the Opossum Crochet Bag Holder Pattern via Vanessa Stenger.

Thanks to Vanessa Stenger for the featured image.

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