• Plastic Bags Mess? Make Your Own Crochet Bag Holder

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    How do you store your plastic bags?

    This crochet bag holder is the perfect solution to help you keep your plastic bags organized. This is a simple project to do even in the car or in a road trip. You can keep the grocery bag holder in the kitchen, like in the picture below, or in the trunk of your car so you make sure you don’t forget them at home when you go for groceries. If you’re more of a visual learner you’ll love the video tutorial below.

    Easy, Cute, and Useful! This Grocery bag holder can as long as you need. It is made from Spa Yarn (size 3) but will work with any yarn or colors you want. Great idea for those who hold on to their grocery bags.

    Materials:Spa yarn colors; Misty Taupe, Ocean Spray, Size Hook Crochet hook.

    Crochet Bag Holder

    Plastic Bags Mess? Make Your Own Crochet Bag Holder


    Image source: John McGarvey

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    16 Comments to Plastic Bags Mess? Make Your Own Crochet Bag Holder

    1. Thank you..
      I made 50 of them..along with 30 hot pot pads and 32 sets of 3 butterflies each for my daughter-in-law for the baby shower along with 12 pop bottle baskets as prizes.

    2. Yes the stretch.
      They measure ..flat..18 x 18.
      And hold approximately 50 plastic grocery bags.
      Has a handle on top for hanging on a door knob or on the clothing hook in a vehicle.
      I have added elastic to the top and bottom to make the bags stay inside.
      I wove 1/4 in elastic through the back of the s$#%&[email protected]*ches so it wouldn’t be seen. Used either black or white depending upon the tone of the yarn.
      The top is a little larger than the bottom so you can put your hand in to stuff.
      Great s$#%&[email protected]*ch for winter caps too.

    3. Thanks..
      I just wish more people would crochet or do crafts, sew, etc and less on smartphones, computers and other electronic devices.
      Nothing gives you more satisfaction than something you create yourself.

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